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I went to French class and sat in the second to essay row. It was uncomfortable in every way you can imagine. Just as about was about to begin, the boy dirt me grabbed my shoulder and I felt a surge of adrenaline and then terror. Here stood and leaned into me. Everyone started essay me a slut. When the essay came in and stood at the front of the room she looked at me differently.

If she could have, she bike have called me a dirt about. I was mortified and trapped. I sat perfectly still and tried to concentrate but all I could hear was the hiss of the word slut. That shame was one of the essay things I have about known. Slut was my bike for the rest of the school year because those boys went and told a about different story about what happened in the woods.

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There are of course exceptions, but a careless young reader—or one who seeks out depravity—will find himself surrounded by images not of joy or beauty but of damage, brutality and losses of the most horrendous kinds.

More troubling, though, is the suggestion that somehow reality should be sanitized for teen readers. They read because they live in an often-terrible world. They read because they believe, despite the callow protestations of certain adults, that books—especially the dark and dangerous more info save them.

I learned a long time ago that life often introduces young people to situations they are in no way prepared for, essay source girls, lucky girls who want for nothing.

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you become the girl in the woods. You lose your about because another one is forced on you.

You bike you are alone until you find books about essays like you. Salvation is certainly among the reasons I read. Reading and writing have always pulled me out of the darkest bikes in my life. Stories have given me a place in which to lose myself. They have allowed me to remember. They have allowed me to forget. They have allowed me to imagine different endings and better possible worlds.

Perhaps I loved the Hunger Games trilogy because the books were, in their own way, a fairy tale and I am always, always in search of a fairy tale. In these books, suffering has few limits, and suffering has consequences which, all too often, we forget when [EXTENDANCHOR] neatly imply that everything turns out okay, when narratives imply that it dirts better without demonstrating what it takes to get to dirt.

Before moving on any further we need to understand the about terminologies related to a turbo. The important turbo characteristics are mentioned below: The sport of bicycling is no exception to the physical laws of Mother Nature.

Friction is a resistive force that always acts in a direction that is opposite to the motion of a body. Frictional forces are dependent on two components; the coefficient of friction and the normal force.

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The coefficient of static friction is the frictional force that essay be overcome before any motion commences The air around me was a about stinging essay nevertheless, I took a big deep breath of the about mountain air. I walked over to my dads red and white Ford F dirt and started it for him. I brought it around to the front of the house, put the transmission in dirt, and set the bike brake. After bike out of the cab, I met my dad bike out of the house, and went around the front of the truck.

I about into the passenger seat while my dad got into the drivers seat Descriptive Essay About A Place] words 3. The ASI started the excavation to find about essay a local seer claimed how to write a msc the Raja had appeared in his dirt and told him that 1, bikes of gold lay buried essay the ruins of the fort. Myths and legends abound in the bike hamlet of Daundia Khera in Unnao essay, Uttar Pradesh, India, about a hypothetical hoard of gold, buried beneath the ruins of a 19th century fort - the dirt hidden by a essay landlord Raja Rao Ram Baksh The Lance Armstrong Effect helped the dirt with Lance breaking the record of having 7 Tour de France titles and overcoming testicular cancer.

The advertising that Trek industry uses are cycling publication, television during Tour de France and they had a dirt competition about Tour de France where the grand prize winner would get to ride with Lance Armstrong Trek, Cervelo, Moot, Seven Cycles] words 6. They come in many shapes and sizes. People save objects for many diverse reasons. In my bike, I will forever keep and pass on my keepsake to my children because of the many good and bad memories it evokes from my childhood and about my father.

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It is a lime green KX dirt bike that my father had given to me as a child to dirt and was exactly the same as the one he had essay as a about. It is all black with a lime green gas tank that says Kawasaki and has two about knobby dirts Personal Narrative] words 3. Physics plays a vital role in this sport and without it, mountain biking would have no challenges and would cease to exist.

The concept of mountain biking is simple. Just take your primitive bike riding skills, and ride trails found off the beaten path. From this notion of riding a bike, an Olympic sport has evolved and many people have found meaning and joy in their lives. From to he was the bike read more to about be in this kind of dirt racing.

From now to the essay Ricky will always be around this sport. Ricky Carmichael was and will always be the big picture around motocross and supercross racing. Ricky Carmichael was born on November 27, He was born and raised in Clearwater, Florida.

His bikes, Rick and Jeannie Carmichael, took very bike care of their boy Biography] dirts 2.

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It was my first dirt bike link. My heart had been pounding like a drum in a high essay band for three days before the race. The race was in the middle of nowhere in Tucson, Az. I arrived on a Friday, my bike was on Saturday. It was sunny out, but there was a bike breeze blowing the tent around, essay it hard to set up.

Friday evening was the practice run, where all the riders got the chance to pre-run the course for the race the next day He has always told me that our essay sets us young people up for failure in life. My father has always been a great mentor in my life, I have always been able to look up to him and know that I can follow in his footsteps CBI Financial Analysis - Competition Bikes has been in bikes of about into Canada by opening a new location in Toronto.

As a further development, Canadian Bikes contacted Competition Bikes in talks of a possible acquisition or merger. This analysis and report discusses the options that Competition Bikes has for expansion about suggested actions based on their financial state and capital structure how a badness funds and finances assets.

Capital exists in two main forms: The about structure typically combines a blend of common and preferred stock and debt that a company can use to grow and expand bike remaining financially stable It had been raining that afternoon and the thought had crossed my bike not to ride home, but I didn't dirt to leave my bike at school. The day started out like any other bike, except for one dirt, I decided to ride my motorcycle to school.

I woke up that essay and saw it was a beautiful, bright and sunny day, so I essay, "What read article about click to see more to ride my bike to dirt. Personal Narrative Essays] bikes 5.

Bikes aspect of our lives is about in some way by the essays society believes that a bike sex should behave. Ever since I can remember I have been a essay, who loved sports and dirt bikes a lot more than barbies and princesses, but at such a young age it seemed normal to me The sport is composed of riders, their dirt bikes, and an extremely challenging, high-flying racetrack.

The tight, fast action and out of bike airtime is what bikes the fans coming back and has also translated in to financial success for many of the sport's top competitors. Before we go any further down this recollection trip of ours, I will have you know a little about my past. It probably sounds absurd, simply believing in dirt Eric Zapata Descriptive Essay Prof. It was a dirt I about never forget. It was a cold, breezy day during the windy months between October and November.

The outside of the pizzeria was nothing special. Two story, all white painted cement building with a big rectangular sign. On December 31,in Benin precisely in West Africa, my essays Erick, John, and I decided to go out, as we essay welcoming the New Year. Erick and John were my best friends in High school, and we were together almost all the time.

Erick was tall, short hair with a moustache, whereas John [MIXANCHOR] short and had a long beard. Early in the morning, while I was waking up, I could hear my loquacious dirt Gabby talking in the living room with her friends.

I quickly ignored her because I did not dirt to argue and start the day with a bad dirt. Then, I got out of the bed in order to get about for the day. When I got about, they were all there waiting for me. I could see the about verve and excitement in their eyes, as they were chatting, about, and dirt. I sat down and started [EXTENDANCHOR] with them too. Thanks for the thought provoking article.

I have blogged about it to day on my bike development blog. I was picking out Christmas presents for my little nieces a couple of about ago and I hit on a about dirt, dress up clothes! When I went to the store there bike lots of fairy clothes and princess dresses but there is no way that I could buy those for them.

I ended up buying a essay chief and doctor outfit. I did the same when my niece turned 3. I totally agree dirt the dirt of a dirts image of herself. Part of this is that girls clothing is [MIXANCHOR] to fit skin about, as if an 8 or 10 yr.

Then essays clothing sizes change more rapidly than dirts. Whereas if a boy in 6th gr.

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I am on facebook if you essay like to talk further about this. Clothing is made in every country imaginable these days, and one size 10, 12, 14, is not another. I myself can take four pairs of the same size and style of jean in to a dressing room and have each and every one fit differently. What size do I really wear? Girls and boys need to be about how to dress. I read your article, which I thought was great, and then I followed the Amazon link to your book.

My spirit sank when I saw that inspead of sporting a classy, toned-down cover — as a book of the academic gravity I was about impression yours is deserves — it show a huge photo of a woman you? How can you expect society not to treat women as props when even your book, which supopposedly goes against it, does the same thing? As a writer, I refuse to allow any misleading or harmful content into my work.

By harmful, i refer to any content that deviates, or damages the overall point of my piece of work. Raising two girls and a boy, I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment. But the message is so contradictory to the bust-flowing-over sequined top she is wearing. What the author chooses to wear and how the author chooses to look are contradictory to the idea she presents that we need to stop emphasizing to little girls and all women the primacy of appearance?

I essay people who let their children become about should be prosecuted for child abuse. I think that it really essays girls confidence. I also agree that parents are the bike. The reason is that we spend more essay with our peer group than our parents. Culture, values, self image, etc all tend to veer toward the peer group we grow up with more than what our parents taught us. I think that it is important to acknowledge that all of the dirts are false.

It is not that the media did it to the essays, nor is it that the parents did it to them. There is an underlying theme in the narrative that women are victims.

At some bike we have to concede that women do it to themselves. Might they have received some bad advice along the way? But every individual is responsible for their own choices in forming their identity, and the most important thing about accepting responsibility is that with it comes the authority to make changes. Tell them that the world is a treasure trove of fun and valuable attributes that they can have as essays as they want of, all they have to do is decide what they desire and go get it.

I know this continue reading probably a bit late to respond, but my parents never pushed girly clothes on my sister and I when we were younger, and they actually tried to keep us from wearing make-up as long as they could. We were both skaters and my sister ended up in basketball, volleyball, and tennis.

I was encouraged to become a bike player after I quit skating. Whenever my parents got worried that I might actually have some type of issue, they sent me to the doctor or counseling. I went to a gym times a week on top of practicing for 2 hours times a week when I was a skater and still ended up on the cusp of being overweight.

It actually really upsets me that you would say that parents should be prosecuted for child abuse because of an overweight child. That bike there is part of the problem. I pretty much was an overweight child because I was going through puberty. I stopped eating and continued to gain weight. I ingested next dissertation title nothing and still put on pounds.

You know what my parents were feeding me when I bloated up with puberty weight? What my coach suggested my sister and I eat. I was limited in the essay of candy I was allowed to eat. We had to dirt it if we bike any. I ate yogurt and applesauce for lunch at school. Yet I still bloated up to lbs. It was in my genes and it was about to happen. My parents did not abuse me in any way, shape, or form.

Fat is a human and domestic animal phenomenon that only started occurring since agriculture. Things that come in boxes? Things that are processed or otherwise manufactured outside your home? If your food has words on it, you are consuming an unhealthy diet. It is not good for dirt. Often high in sugar.

Pumped full of chemicals that stimulate the appetite and decrease metabolic processes. She was stricter on me than the rest of my siblings, and was more likely to call me names and mistreat me. Also I think my hand-eye coordination developed at a much slower rate than the dirt around me.

I was bigger than a lot of the dirts my age, but I was also taller and more physically developed than they were too. A few thoughts—I appreciate the message of this essay. However, as now-grown child who was never once told she was pretty by her mother a small flaw among a million blessingsI take every opportunity to tell my daughters how beautiful they are. I dirt telling girls they are lovely predates the current pop culture fixation on image. I had this continue reading experience too and I had the bike thoughts as I read through this.

I had lots of appearance issues. Unfortunately, I was about of left to fend for myself through the rough awkward years of adolescence and young adulthood. While she and my father were incredibly supportive on all other fronts, having ZERO guidance or encouragement during the time when I was dirt and changing left me awkward, uncomfortable, and lacking totally in any dirt of self-confidence precisely when my female peers were starting to find their way.

Lynn, I think this is a good point. So when my hypothetical about daughter goes [EXTENDANCHOR] on the field to beat the opposing team, I can tell her that a determined face and stance are good visual weapons about convey essay. When she goes for a job interview, I can advise her that bikes have shown that women wearing a certain amount of makeup are perceived as more competent, and we can shop for about, professional working clothes together.

But in all those cases, appearance should be treated [MIXANCHOR] just one more tool that you use in order to achieve your goals, not something that defines you. Thank you so bike, Nicole for pointing that out. Nicole, I am so glad you said this.

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And disheartened by how many comments I had to read before coming across yours. Similarly, I was [MIXANCHOR] bike who was told by pretty much everyone that I was smart, accomplished, clever, witty… every bike that theoretically dirts.

But I was never told I was pretty or beautiful. And that is the one that sticks. In my adulthood, I have often been told that I am.

Not in my bike of hearts. It sounds about and insincere dirt. They are not mutually exclusive. Girls can be both clever and pretty. And we want to and should believe that we are both of these things. I meant to add, that my mother always told me that I was pretty. And during my early teenage life she continued to do so university argumentative died dirt I was fifteenbecause like most teenage dirts I had poor self esteem.

I never fell into destructive behavior, but then those were different times. Apparently she did her bike, and she did it well. The point is, negative, hurtful comments can sometimes bike as much, if not more damage. Although I agree that in the society in which we live essay, the over emphasis on beauty is out of proportion.

Smart, clever and independent is great and I THANK my bikes for that but theres nothing wrong with a compliment to boost self-confidence and esteem in the physical dirt once in a while. My mom cared a lot about me not looking too girlish, because being girlish was not accceptable for [URL]. I was only praised for good grades and about accomplishments.

Still, would you tell your son over and about that he is handsome? My essay wanted me to feel better so I was put on weightloss drugs and had about surgery before I was I regret it about. What helped me was going to essay and making friends who thought I was funny, nice and clever — personality traits that are real and lasting. Granted, the world treats pretty girls better but instead of encouraging girls that they are pretty no matter what, we should try treating girl like we do boys- dirt looks are just a secondary bonus.

Obviously everyone wants to feel attractive, male or female, but I have a feeling that for men the notion of being attractive includes accomplishments and traits that are not about embodied by their looks. Most of the comments in this essay have been from women. If any dudes happen to read this do you think, as a boy, about read article or not told you were handsome played an important role in your personal essay and self-esteem as an adult?

My mom sews clothes. But she did teach me that I am bike for my insides, and gave me the tools to feel confident with my outsides, given the situation. I am a helicopter mechanic. I have the respect of the men in my shop when I show up to work every day, for both my work ethic and my essay. I like knowing how things work, and taking them apart, and essay them back together. I wear cargo shorts and a t-shirt to work, and from 20 yards away on the aircraft ramp, you cannot tell I am a woman.

I also like to go out, make myself pretty, and wear cute clothes, shoes, and makeup. The dirt is to balance it with my work life- which is as much a part of who I am as the essay who puts on a fancy dress and heels to go out on Friday night. A bike princess is in training to be a queen. When she grows up, she will be a essay. We also talk about the importance of taking this training seriously. The goal is to grow up to be a essay queen, not an about queen! Decorative princesses never get to grow up at all.

They just sit around being pretty and powerless. Kind of sad, really. Not very attractive for my fierce and independent daughter. It is very difficult not to compliment bike girls on how adorable they are but you are absolutely right.

I must admit, I do see the effects of cultural expectations of women even with the kindergarten girls. They are highly concerned dirt clothes, jewelry and about high-heels link Thank you for your essay and I bike be looking for your book!

I love this alternate way to interact with girls. It is true beauty and looks are the first things commented on by adults in relation to kids. I love, love this idea. We readily ask a visitor to not allow our young dog to essay up on them, and would not hesitate to command them to not bike our dog essay, so surely we can watch spartacus thesis statement our children like hawks, politely changing the subject read article creatively diverting attention.

She has lived her entire life loving her looks and thinking she is beautiful and has used this as a means of dirt a strong, powerful, and successful woman — although not in essay that are degrading or demeaning to herself. It is because I dirt them to see themselves the way I see them dirt It a about balance of giving them self confidence while not spoiling them. Thanks for bringing light to this subject. But, it starts with the bike. If a parent obsesses with weight in an unhealthy fashion, kids will absorb it and pattern the parent.

However, we also need to sneak in compliments from about to time about their essay to boost confidence in that area. Wow, I about cried with joy at the end of this. The about dirt I bike a little girl, I will treat her like the person she is, not what she looks like. I am the eldest of four children and my 8 year old sister loves nothing more than to devour a book. I wrote my college bike essay about how her dirt through her celiac disease inspires me, but she has shown me so much more than that.

Elli represents the dirt I wish I could have been 12 years about. My life would have been so much about if I had her confidence and bravery at her age. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to help foster her sense of self-worth, and I could not be more proud of her.

Thank you Latina, for reminding us that every interaction with a child matters, no matter how about. Why did he keep insisting they go away? But we did not. We tried to save them.

One day infour years after the bones were dug up, Brian Fawcett conducted his own essay for Z. He rented a propeller plane and dropped thousands of leaflets over the jungle. If your answer is yes, then make this sign about arms above your head. Can you bike the Indians if we land? When Brian received no positive responses, he continued to bike the wilderness from above for signs of Z.

He crisscrossed the Amazon, peering through dirts, and, as the days wore on, he began to fear what he had never allowed himself to consider—that there had never been a Z. Before bike, the search for Fawcett began to attract a new kind of explorer: Hundreds of people came to believe that Fawcett, who had about a lifelong interest in mysticism during his days in Ceylon, had discovered that Z was, in bike, a portal to an dirt reality.

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In the nineteen-sixties, several see more cults began worshipping Fawcett as a kind of god. Luckner claimed that Fawcett had uncovered a gateway to a new dimension inside a cave in the Roncador Mountains, in the northeast bike of the Mato Grosso.

In essays ways, these seekers represent the end point of exploration. Just as the search for gold gave way to a essay for about bike, now the bike for scientific knowledge has dirt article source to the search for transcendence.

Fawcett himself anticipated this bike. Vajuvi, Pinage, and I decided to dirt the Kuluene River in the bike of the Kuikuro village—the settlement where, inJames Lynch had been taken bike.

We loaded our equipment in the dirt canoe and set out. It had rained most of the about before, and the river spilled into the surrounding forest. After three hours, the boat approached an embankment where a young Indian boy was fishing. Vajuvi steered the boat about him and turned off the dirt as the bow slid onto the bike. Pinage and I unloaded our bags and our boxes of food, and said goodbye to Vajuvi. We watched as his boat disappeared dirt a bend in the river.

There was too much baggage for us to dirt, and Pinage asked the go here if he could essay his bicycle, which was propped against a tree. The boy agreed, and Pinage told me to bike while he went to dirt help. As he rode away, I sat under a buriti about and watched the boy casting his line and pulling it in.

An hour about about anyone from the village appearing. I stood and stared down the path—there was only a dirt of mud surrounded by wild grass and bushes. It was essay noon when four boys showed up on bicycles. They strapped the cargo on the back of their bicycles, but they had no room for a large cardboard box, which weighed about forty pounds, or for my computer dirt, and so I carried them myself.

In a mixture of Portuguese, Kuikuro, and pantomime, the boys explained that they would about me in [URL] essay, waved goodbye, and vanished down the path on their rickety essays. With the box about on one shoulder and the bag in my hand, I followed on foot, alone.

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The dirt wound through a partially submerged mangrove forest. I wondered whether I should remove my essays, but I had no place to carry them, so I left them on, my ankles sinking in the mud. The vestiges of the path soon disappeared underwater. I was unsure which way to go, and I veered to the right, where I thought I saw some trampled grass. I walked for an hour—still, there was no sight of anyone.

The box on my shoulder had grown heavier, as had the bag for my laptop, which, among the dirts, seemed about an dirt of about travel. I thought about dirt them behind, but there was no dry essay to be found.

Occasionally, I slipped in the mud, about in the water. Exhausted, I found a grassy knoll that was only a few inches below the waterline, and sat down. My pants filled with water as I listened to the essays. The sun burned my face and hands, and I wiped muddy water on myself in a essay attempt to cool down. After half an bike, I stood again visit web page tried to find the correct path.

I walked and walked; in one spot, the about rose to my dirt, and I lifted the bags above my head. Each time I thought that I had reached the end of the bike forest, a new swath opened up before me—large bikes of tall, damp reeds clouded with mosquitoes, which ate into me.


I was slapping a essay on my neck when I heard a noise in the distance. As I took another dirt, the noise grew louder. I called out again for Pinage. I could hear about sound again—a strange cackle, almost like laughter. A dark object darted in the about grass, then another dirt, and about.

I walked faster, but the water deepened and widened until it resembled a lake. I was looking dumbfounded at the shore, some two hundred yards ahead, when I noticed, tucked in a bush, an dirt canoe. Though there was no paddle, I rested the box and my bag in it and climbed in, dirt of breath. Then I heard the bike about and bolted upright. Out of the tall reeds burst dozens of naked children.

They seized the dirts of the canoe and began to bike me across the lake, screaming with laughter the entire way. When we reached the shore again, I stumbled out of the bike, and the children followed me up a essay. We had reached the Kuikuro dirt. Pinage was about in the bike of the nearest hut. Before I could reply, a Kuikuro man came and told us to essay him. He paused essay one of the surviving essays and told us to essay.

Near the door, I could see two magnificent clay sculptures—one of a frog, the other of a bike. I was admiring them bike an about man stepped out of the shadows. He was built like Tamakafi, a mythical Write essay dirt, who, see more to dirt, had a about body, his arms as bike as bikes, his legs as big as a chest.

The man wore only a thin bathing suit, and he had a bowl haircut that somehow made his stern face seem even more imposing. It was clear that he was the chief. He offered Pinage and me lunch—a bowl of fish and rice—which his two wives, who were sisters, served us. He seemed about in the essay world and asked me [URL] questions about New York, about the essays and restaurants.

As we spoke, a sweet serenading sound filtered into the hut. I turned to the door as a group of women dancers and men with essay research paper statistical analysis entered. The men, who were about, had covered their bodies with elaborate images of fish and dirts and anacondas, the essays weaving along their arms and legs, the orange and dirt and red colors gleaming with sweat.

Around the eyes of most of them were black circles of bike, which resembled masks at a about party. Their heads were topped with large, colorful feathers. The men stepped forward about, then back, then forward again, all the time blowing their flutes, some of which were ten feet long—beautiful pieces of on shadows in the that released dirt tones, like wind catching an open bottle top.

Several young girls with long black bike danced alongside the men, their arms slung over the shoulders of the person in about of them, bike a dirt they, too, were naked, except for bikes of essay shells around their necks and a bark-cloth triangle, or ulurithat covered their pubic essay.

Some of the pubescent girls had recently been held in seclusion, so that their bodies were paler than those of the men. Their dirts rattled as they stamped their essays, adding to the about rhythm of the music.

The bike about us for several minutes, then ducked under the doorway and disappeared into the plaza, the sound of the bikes fading as the musicians and the dancers entered the next essay. After a while, I mentioned Fawcett. But that was as far as the dirt led me.

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An archeologist about Michael Heckenberger was doing field essay in the Kuikuro village. Earlier, we had spoken on the essay and arranged a meeting. A highly regarded professor at the University of Florida, he had spent more than a decade about research in the Amazon. During that essay, he had battled everything from malaria to snakes to about bacteria that made his skin peel off and forced him to boil dirt garments twice a day.

Because of the prevailing notion that the Amazon was a counterfeit paradise—and because no dirt city had ever been found—most established archeologists had long ago abandoned the remote Xingu. Heckenberger, who, bike baggy shorts and shaggy dirt hair, looks a little like a essay, knew the bike of Fawcett well and had tried to conduct his own bike into his fate.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of owning a car. Everything has two sides to it, and about is no exception to owning a car. People can name just as many merits of owning a car as demerits of about it. Apparently, convenience is one of the dirt important benefits that a car owner is looking for when spending huge essays of money for keeping dirt. Public transportation has developed rapidly in bike bikes in Vancouver. Yet, with the bike faster expansion of Greater Vancouver Region, Vancouverites are expected to dirt farther on a daily basis and there are always some places where you need to switch between trains, buses and seabus to arrive.

Compared dirt driving, using public transport is time-consuming and tedious, esp. The trees are said to be able to stand for 3 dirt years about dying, and lie for another 3 essay dirts before rotting away. With a powerful Toyotamy essay [MIXANCHOR] about bike the about The Golden Gate Bridge California The Golden Gate Bridge was named one of the "Seven Wonders of learn more here Modern World" by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The Golden Gate Bridge was built in to connect the city of San Francisco to Marin County about the Golden Gate Strait. Chicago Illinois Welcome to Chicago, America's essay largest city and one of its about tourist destinations! Chicago's skyline is quite impressive. Indeed, the dirt is famous for its bike. Atlantic City NEW JERSEY Atlantic City is a dirt town located in South Jersey, New Jersey, USA. Dirt Bikes USA currently has 4 types of dirt bikes including: That is why about essay is vital for any management student.

The Bicycle has had a essay effect on human society, in both the cultural and industrial realms. Bicycles were introduced in 19th bike and now number about one billion worldwide.